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Endometriosis and the Power of 'ing'

Endometriosis and the Power of ‘ing’

An anxious stomach. Isn’t that an interesting term and I wonder what it brings up for you.   IBS? Anxiety? Allergies? Endometriosis?   Men, boys, women and girls. Yes, endometriosis is something that those with the Y chromosome can have.   Endo tissue is not histologically identical as uterine tissue, but is similar and commonly

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Understanding Trauma

I was travelling from my home in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand to the tourist centre of Rotorua. It was 7.45am when I left home and I had to be at work as a pharmacist locum by 9am. It would only take about 55 minutes, winding through some beautiful countryside. That morning I was feeling incredibly

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Emotion And Illness – A Definite Link

The body affects the mind, affects the feelings. And vice versa. Think about that for a minute. The body and how it physically feels and the health ‘behaviour’, can affect the thinking of the mind. Think of the last time you had a really sore knee or shoulder (or something) and remember the thinking that

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