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Coming Down With a Cold. Paula Ralph Women's Health Coach

I Was In For A Cold……

I had that sinking feeling that I was in for it.    I had a sore throat, a fuzzy and sore head, the back of my nose was feeling a bit odd and I was swallowing goo. I was in for … Read More

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A Series On Anger

When a client brought up the subject of not being able to say what she wanted to, it led us down this path. It has resulted in her understanding her physical issues, and altered her ongoing experience of them.   … Read More

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Can A Belief Influence Your Health? For Good or Even Bad?

Someone in a group I am in on FB asked for people to contribute the negative beliefs they had as a result of their childhood. The post was inundated.   * I am worth nothing * Nobody outside of this … Read More

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Rewire Your Brain

Retrain Your Brain For Health

A while ago I went through a tough time. It wasn’t something I could medicate for, to make go away or to cope with – I had to drag myself through instead. I was emotional, joyless and pretty much hopeless. … Read More

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Resilience for Health

Resilience – Your Health Will Thank You

I first heard of the term resilience when I was watching an ad on tv for carpet. I must have been about 12. There was a rhinocerus walking across the new carpet and as the happy owner of that carpet … Read More

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Are You A Cheerleader Of Your Own Health?

Are You A Cheerleader Of Your Own Health?

Every time she wanted to run that race, she would have to pull out. Flat on her back, as weak as a kitten, sick as a dog.   Claire spent hours training diligently for the big race day. She carefully … Read More

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Peace after Drama - Paula Ralph Women's Health and Surgery Coach

Peace After Drama – It’s Boring!

She was a whizz on the mountain bike. She could go along trails at speeds that I couldn’t even imagine. It was like the bike was part of her and she was confident, being ‘at one’ with it. After a … Read More

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Endometriosis - Paula Ralph Women's Health and Surgery Coach

Endometriosis – Many Ways To Help

Endometriosis is mysterious.   How can a woman be riddled with it, have different symptoms or even no symptoms to a woman who may only have a few of the lesions? How can one woman be cyclically crippled with pain, … Read More

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Trauma Can Be Like Trying to Hold the Genie In the Bottle

Trauma Can Be Like Trying to Hold the Health Genie In the Bottle

I remember it vividly. The year was 1982, it was late November and in Havelock North, New Zealand, that meant summer was promising to show up, just around the corner. I was 16 and had finished my second to last … Read More

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How Our Ill Health Has Only Positive Intention - A Japanese Story

How Our Ill Health Has Only Positive Intention – A Japanese Story

We have pain, a shoulder that won’t move, a thyroid that goes off in a random behaviour, a gut that won’t eat certain foods, periods that make us want to curl into a ball, or we get the flu that … Read More

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