Birth Trauma

Many women don’t enjoy giving birth and the statistics show that over 50% of women have a negative or very negative experience.

Some are left angry that the experience was not as they expected, unheard, no voice, feel disempowered maybe dignity lost due to that process or the involvement of others.

Many women are left scarred in some way, more than physically.

Often a Caesarian procedure can leave a woman feeling bereft and cheated and this can colour the feelings she has towards her life moving forward.

Every woman is different and every feeling is absolutely true for her.

Having A Baby

Having that little baby under your care while you are feeling traumatised makes your own physical recovery tough. Coming to grips with the new identity of being a mother, combined with the usual stress of the 21st Century and maybe a partner who is experiencing his/her own struggles makes for an incredibly tough start to the changed family dynamic.

Case Study

After time, the trauma of that experience shows up in other ways, during your life.

The mental and emotional impact of that time does not need to follow you around like a shadow for the rest of your life, where you avoid triggers like doors to hospitals, white coats or even further intimacy or pregnancies.

Coaching through this experience can make all the difference to your life going forward.

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