Paula Ralph

As a Women’s Health Coach, I lead, educate and coach women in making a difference to their experience of their health, to ensure that they not only flourish, but those around them are positively impacted as well.

My work within the mindset and somatics of health has taken my career from that of a pharmacist for 30 years to making a strong difference in the women I work with. I observed thousands of people doing the best they could with what they knew, but they weren’t getting the health that they wanted, from the traditional avenues they were using. 

And my women customers were asking me for more. ‘What else can I do?’ ‘What else is out there?’ ‘What am I doing wrong?’

This set me on the path of multiple mind and eye opening courses, thousands of books, workshops and trainings around the world, all to find what it is that women need to return to a sense of health and wholeness.

Well-being and Health

I have distilled this down to the most essential selections for well-being and health, which also involves personal development and growth. And with my new health and lifestyle business, I impact women everywhere through radio, podcast, talks and courses and, of course, private sessions.

Unique Feminine Health

Feeling passionate about fully supporting their unique feminine health, I use the latest information and study from the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, NLP, mBraining, mindbody techniques, human behaviour, medical hypnotherapy and the field of somatics to coach and share women so that they stay well, symptom-free and understanding of their body and what their body does.

The MEP System

Through deep understanding and fascinating learning the women I work with are educated because I strongly believe that this is key to being able to make the emotional and physical changes that they need and want. Which is why I developed the MEP system.

Women love it!!

My Qualifications

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