Become Your Own Prescription To Be Free From Your Health Problems

Paula Ralph

Women’s Health AND SURGERY Coach

5 Mistakes Most People Make When Having An Operation

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I help women who have problems with their health to overcome those problems, so that they can be their alive and creative self again, with their mojo replenished.

So many women are experiencing depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety, gut issues and allergies, pain, or specific feminine issues that limit the joy in their life. Many are struggling with the transition into menopause. They change their diet, take the supplements and the medications yet their health seems to be ‘one thing after another’. Maybe lots of little niggly things, maybe some ‘big deal’ symptoms.

And they are stuck. And they are not feeling supported by the more traditional avenues of care.

What are the symptoms of a sick body?

  • Digestive trouble and food allergies
  • Immunity challenges and inflammatory symptoms
  • Chronic pains and illness
  • Unexplained habits that you don’t want.
  • Emotional instability – depression, anxiety, stress
  • Symptoms that we ‘blame’ on our hormones
  • Fatigue and fog

If this sounds like you, you are very welcome here because it is clear that you are looking for a prescription that works for you – a new and clear way of thinking and doing.

What might a healthy system be like?


If you are ready to roll up your sleeves, find out how health is not what happens to you, but what happens within you, and ready to do the work that will make the difference to your healthy future, contact me now!

Let’s work together to find your own personal prescription and internal medicine that will move you towards your healthy and empowered freedom. We get to work together in person or over a Zoom call!


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