I understand how you feel

Imagine waking up in the morning, quietly drinking your first cup of the day and as you check in with your body, you realise that you feel amazing. You feel healthy, energetic and ready to grab life once again. But that is not the reality right now is it.

In reality you are anxious about how you will cope, or worried about something that you have been trying bravely to ignore.

I understand how you feel. This is what I hear from my clients all of the time and you too, feel like you will never move past this problem.

Would you like me to show you how you can get back your health and vitality?

Surgery is more than a physical procedure. There are emotional and psychological aspects that play important roles in preparing for, undergoing and recovering from both ‘minor’ or ‘major’ surgeries.

Most people will experience some level of stress in the weeks, days, and hours leading up to their procedure. Often the feelings of worry and anxiety can build as the day of surgery approaches.

Every person has unique needs.

Some of the more common concerns include:

If you feel anxious or worried about your surgery, or you are experiencing trauma after your surgery, coaching is for you.

Benefits of Surgery Coaching

Many of us lead busy lives and need or want to return to our work and family as soon as possible. If you are well prepared for it, the opportunities for rapid recovery are greatly enhanced. Because surgical procedures can affect our lives in many ways, healing is more than simply a physical process. In fact, faster physical healing is supported when your emotional and psychological needs are met.

Surgical coaching can help you recover faster by giving you the tools you need to:

Along the way find processes that help you heal and that you will be able to use ongoing in other places in your life. Discover techniques that you can apply to other situations as you transform your life.

Case Study

I can guarantee that being coached up to, for during the procedure and after the surgery, you will feel more confident in yourself responding in just the right way, being able to help yourself, knowing what the right thing is to do – things that have been proven and result in:

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