A gynaecological procedure is something that many women undergo, from laparoscopy for exploratory surgery to hysterectomy. And many women seem to cope just fine, but there are hundreds of women who are left feeling lost, grieving, humiliated, disempowered, feeling a loss of who they really are at a deep level that they can't quite put their finger on.

These brave women are just not themselves and wish for the day that their natural vitality and their old self comes back – even years later.

Some take a long time to heal physically, others struggle mentally or emotionally. Their families and loved ones even say that ‘she was ‘never the same’ after that operation’.

For A Hysterectomy

Some women want to be prepared for their hysterectomy and I offer a package ………Prepare For Hysterectomy where we meet for 5 hours. We coach your whole body so that it is fully prepared and ready as well as giving you tried and true strategies that will keep you calm and confident as you head into surgery, resulting in a faster than expected recovery.

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Endometriosis is a disease for strong women who feel they must be silent. They are very good at faking being well. If you have found that surgical options and medicine is not giving you the solutions that you need and you are tired of chasing them, it is time to find your own rx for changing how your health is showing up for you.

I offer you the ……..Changing Endometriosis where we meet together fortnightly for 3 months to really get to the root problem and turn that around. We look at mindset and we coach your whole body, looking at the neurological impact of your life and how it is manifesting now. Once we reset, we work together to understand and strengthen your healthy future.

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Case Study

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